DPS facing surge of midyear teacher departures

Nov 28, 2015 by

Detroit Public Schools has about 135 teaching vacancies, with substitute teachers and school staff filling the gaps.

Denzel Devezin’s English teacher retired at the end of September.

Since then, at least seven substitute teachers have stood in front of his classroom at Renaissance High School in Detroit. Getting used to each one’s unique style and lessons has been a challenge, the 15-year-old sophomore said.

“It’s kind of hard to learn,” he said. “I kind of expect to have a regular teacher in my core class. This isn’t an elective.”

Three months into the school year, Detroit Public Schools is facing a teacher shortage and also seeing what union officials say seems like an unprecedented number of midyear retirements and resignations.

In early November, there were at least 170 teaching vacancies. DPS spokesman Michelle Zdrodowski said Wednesday that the number has been reduced to 135 by reorganizing some teaching assignments based on enrollment numbers from the fall student count day.

Source: Detroit Free Press – Local News

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