DPS misses deadline, loses out on $6.5 million

Dec 22, 2017 by

Officials fail to submit paperwork on time for money to whittle old district debt

The old Detroit school district has lost out on $6.5 million in money to whittle down its old debt after officials failed to turn in paperwork on time.

Nikolai Vitti, Detroit Public Schools Community District superintendent, sent an email to board members this week saying Detroit Public Schools, the old district, failed to submit documentation to be reimbursed.

The state reimburses the districts for debt loss under Public Act 86 if they met the Aug. 15 deadline.

“At this point, Detroit Public Schools is not eligible for the $6.5 million-dollar reimbursement from the state,” Vitti told board members in an email Monday. “After speaking with state officials, the available funds have already been disbursed to other qualifying entities. However, we will continue to petition the state to receive the reimbursement.”

Vitti said the documents were provided to the former CFO Marios Demetriou in the spring but were not completed or received by the state.

The error riled at least one board member.

LaMar Lemmons, in an email to Vitti on Tuesday, said: “This is a major faux pas and impactful error! I require a written explanation as to how this happen.”

Vitti assured Lemmons that “disciplinary action will be taken.”

Source: DPS misses deadline, loses out on $6.5 million

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