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12.20.19 – Dr. James Dobson Issued Today the Following Statement, as a private citizen, to the Christian Community


I have read a new editorial published by Christianity Today that promotes impeachment of President Donald Trump. The editors didn’t tell us who should take his place in the aftermath.

Maybe the magazine would prefer a president who is passionately pro-abortion, anti-family, hostile to the military, dispassionate toward Israel, supports a socialist form of government, promotes confiscatory taxation, opposes school choice, favors men in women’s sports and boys in girl’s locker rooms, promotes the entire LGBTQ agenda, opposes parental rights, and distrusts evangelicals and anyone who is not politically correct.

By the way, after Christianity Today has helped vacate the Oval Office, I hope they will tell us if their candidate to replace Mr. Trump will fight for religious liberty and the Bill of Rights?

Give your readers a little more clarity on why President Trump should be turned out of office after being duly elected by 63 million voters? Is it really because he made a phone call that displeased you? There must be more to your argument than that.

Signature of Dr. Dobson

While Christianity Today is making its case for impeachment, I hope the editors will now tell us who they support for president among the Democrat field. That should tell us the rest of the story.

James C. Dobson, Ph.D.

Statement made in my individual capacity

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  1. Avatar

    “Christians” who support Trump worship Republican Jesus and not biblical Jesus. God sees into your hearts and knows why you really support him.

  2. Avatar
    Sam Currin

    Dr. Dobson has perceptively hit Christianity Today with a question they cannot answer which demonstrates the absurdity of the CT editorial.

  3. Avatar

    To address Dobson’s first paragraph: If Trump is removed from office, Mike Pence takes his place. This isn’t hard

    Someday I might read a well-reasoned defense of Donald Trump and his actions, and not a hyperbolic screed about all the evils that would suddenly materialize if he were to leave office.
    It isn’t this piece. That CT editorial obviously hit a nerve. Good for them.

    • jimmy kilpatrick

      What many haven’t realize is the goal to rid Trump and Pence and put Pelosi in as President.

      • Avatar

        How would that work? Pence would become President and if he was impeached then his VP would then become President

    • Avatar
      Chadd is Stupid

      The obvious point went over your head because you were too intent on being snarky and so you were stupid instead.

      • Avatar
        Chadd Is Wise

        This is the insightful commentary Dobson and his followers are known for. Please say more.

    • Avatar
      Wesley Martz

      Dobson ends all debate as to why all Christians must vote for Donald Trump in joining humanity’s cries across the world against Communist Dictatorships as USA Communists in Congress have proven they wish upon us in all the ways Republicans and Trump are now for the fist time in USA history saying in unison. Communism is at the end of the road. The Democrat Party has evaporated as Jeff Drew has said. The Swamp is now draining. The Obama Administration is at least found out as a failed Police State that is now being unearthed, tried, and put into prison. As much as Republicans have the heart to do. Imprisoning these Commiunists for their spying on Trump is the only alternative since they are at war with us to the point Democrats are leaving in an American Exit from the Democrat Party that is now openly Communist. It is also given over by Jesus to great-delusion as The Bible says happened to all of Israel’s enemies who hated living in the world’s first attempt at a multicultural State as mandated by God and Jesus the Creator. …

  4. Avatar

    That a fat, orange billionare who at no point in his life ever pretended to know God can split the Christian community like this is a great indicator of our priorities.

  5. Avatar
    Concerned For Dobson

    Mike Pence would be President. It’s truly jumping the shark to assume that if you want Trump removed then you must want a liberal Democrat in office. Why are you assuming that? Evangelical conservatives simply want a conservative candidate who’s moral and upholds the constitution. That’s what’s being sought. Not a change of agenda. But someone that upholds what we should stand for.

    Please don’t confuse the removal of Trump with an absurd question like “which Democrat are you supporting?” Instead think of why you want to support an immoral candidate when we could have far better.

    • Avatar
      Sleepless in Shenandoah

      What you’re not getting is the layer under the layer that Dr. Dobson is trying to reveal. If President Trump is removed and Pence is installed, it is VERY LIKELY that the Democratic candidate will be elected in 2020.

    • Avatar

      Did you see where Schiff is trying to bring VP Pence up on some articles of impeachment??? They want Pelosi to end up being Pres. And we all know where that will go…#TrumpPence2020. #DrainTheSwamp…

    • Avatar
      Reca nelson

      So true.

    • Avatar
      Catherine Melvin

      AMEM !

  6. Avatar

    This is not about partisan politics or it shouldn’t be…this is about ensuring that no one is above the law…protecting the integrity of the three branches of government, the checks & balances that define & limit each, that make them answerable to the other…it’s about doing the moral thing, the right thing…understanding that this is more important than loyalty to one man or party policy…it’s about seeing the truth & admitting that Donald Trump must be held responsible for his actions through impeachment and, possibly, removal from office…even if this doesn’t serve a certain political agenda…this is not only part of being a good American citizen…it is at the heart of Christianity, being a true follower of Christ…choosing truth, justice & doing what is right is not an abandonment of Republican party values…to imply that refusing to close your eyes & blindly follow Trump, no matter what is said or done, means you have become a Democrat is ridiculous & manipulative…it makes one wonder why Dobson would use such tactics…I don’t know…but God does…

  7. Avatar
    Marilyn Terrill

    Thank you Dr Dobson.

  8. Avatar

    Soros made the comment he is buying out the christian community for the election, my guess is he bought out the magazine . Money talks BS walks is what my husband use to say.Not true christians if they back the baby killing democrats and for all they stand for.Vote Trump 2020 and save our country

    • Avatar

      Yes I agree, this has Soros written all over it! Maybe people will wake up and stop drinking the kool-aid.

  9. Avatar
    Jeff Brown

    Back in the day when Reagan was President we had a group called the Moral Majority Jerry Falwell and all others who brought forth the Christian p0beliefs when Reagan was running and backed him 100% we should go back and think about those times

  10. Avatar
    Tim Harkins

    Thank you, Dr. Dobson, for standing, once again, for truth. CT is such a disappointment, so weak, so typical for them. CT has lost their way and this editorial is yet another example of the “fruit of their way”. May God help them and may God bless you for your courage.

  11. Avatar
    Donavon Hornbeck

    The answer to your question is Mike Pence. He is Constitutionally the next in line for the presidency.

    Mike Pence is far more conservative than Trump, and with much less ethical baggage.

    • Avatar

      Everyone has “baggage”…And please let us know what crimes President Trump has committed…He’s been the most conservative President since Reagan…

  12. Avatar

    We appreciate your defense of our President! Last night, in West Palm Beach, President Trump spoke at Turning Point USA. Five thousand students attended the Student Action Summit founded by Charlie Kirk. It did my heart good to see so many young people supporting good not evil.

  13. Avatar

    Thank you Bro. Dobson, we have so many vile people lambasting our president and trying to speak for all Christians, trying to make it sound as if he is crooked and evil, they would have you believe they speak for everyone. I am fearful for our great United States (even in writing that it makes me tremble…because we are no longer united) God bless you for speaking the truth in a time when the truth is not popular. We the people need to hear from men of God,

  14. Avatar

    Just a slight bit of discernment is needed here.

    There was from all appearances some sort of Coup to try to install hillary clinton in office and keep Trump out, a manipulated primary, apparently an attempt to manipulate the general election, and after an ongoing attempt to remove the elected president, it carries on and seems to involve 40, 50, 60 or more people in high positions in government, various agencies and businesses like Fusion GPS, foreign intelligence services, their agents, governments, false dossiers, etc…

    Nancy Pelosi only a few short weeks ago said on video for the world to see, the impeachment began over 2.5 years ago…. yet the supposed impeachable phone call only happened in June 2019….

    how is that possible?

    are you connecting the dots?

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