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Dr. Vecchio, a radiologist in Colorado who is highly involved in breast cancer screenings, spoke at a June 29, 2012, rally in Denver against ObamaCare. She explains in this 2.58-minute video that ObamaCare if allowed to be implemented would force her and 800,000 other physicians to break their Hippocratic Oath. [“…I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.”]

Dr. Veechio said that ObamaCare regulations are in direct opposition to the American Cancer Society guidelines for yearly breast screening mammograms that have decreased 30% to 40% the number of women who die from breast cancer.

Dr. Veechio stated that physicians who violate the ObamaCare regulations will be fined, not paid, and could be put in jail. She said that she and many other physicians will not be practicing medicine if ObamaCare is put into affect.

[The American people must rise up and vote Obama out of the White House on Nov. 6, 2012 and send ObamaCare to the trash heap where it belongs.]


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    jean ross

    Vecchio’s videos are VERY PARTISAN…made by tea party patriots. They also contain many falsehoods. Check her out on snopes. For the real info on obamacare, go directly to the source…healthcare.gov. OR…factcheck.org. I don’t know how she keeps her medical license.

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