Dr. Tasaria Bettis Shares the Top Nine Online Educational Resources for Parents

Oct 28, 2021 by

Tasaria Bettis
Tasaria Bettis Ed.D.

Today, many parents are taking an active role in their children’s education. The Covid pandemic has led to learning losses for grades K-12, and parents have been anxious to help their children remaster educational concepts.

Fortunately, there are dozens of high-quality educational resources for parents available online. Dr Tasaria Bettis, a seasoned school administrator from Dayton, Ohio, shares some of his top resources for parents who want to help their children achieve great things.

1. Khan Academy

While Khan Academy began as a math skills website, it has expanded to include lessons in test prep, science, computing, arts, humanities, economics, and language arts.

The site includes many excellent video lessons which are appropriate for students at all educational levels. They can supplement curriculum work from grades K through 12 and are also useful for parents who need to brush up on their skills to help their children learn.

2. Education.com

Education.com includes over 30,000 printable and digital resources on every academic topic. The site is focused on K-8 education. The site also features lesson plans which are ready-made for the use of teachers and homeschoolers. Worksheets, games, and hands-on activities round out the site’s learning options.

3. BrainPop

BrainPop and its companion site BrainPop Jr. cover K-8 education in detail. The site includes comprehensive lessons in science, social studies, English, math, the arts, health, social-emotional learning, engineering, and technology. The site also has a section for English language learners.

The website also includes resources for parents supporting antiracist education, providing age-appropriate help for parents and teachers who want to ensure that students do not miss out on this vital aspect of learning in today’s society.

One of BrainPop’s most enduring features is its comprehensive games collection. Games are available to make every aspect of learning fun.

4. Learning Heroes

Learning Heroes is focused on giving parents the resources they need to support classroom teachers throughout the year. Classroom teachers are in a uniquely difficult position as school closures and learning losses impact students’ education. Parents need to pitch in and help teachers’ lessons be absorbed in the home. The site also includes a robust section directing parents to antiracism resources.

Learning Heroes focuses not only on academic instruction but also on social-emotional learning and other important topics. The site even has homework help and activities for students.

5. PBS for Parents

PBS for Parents focuses on the needs of parents of children aged 2 to 8. The site includes podcasts for parents, children’s activities in all academic and social-emotional fields, and tie-ins to PBS Kids’ popular television programming. It also includes a wide variety of parenting information. The site is also available in Spanish.

6. National Geographic Learning

National Geographic Learning is a paid online program that contains a wealth of information for parents, teachers, and students. The site contains a robust English learning curriculum as well as parent and teacher education components.

7. iCivics

iCivics is an exciting website that provides information on government, public citizenship, and other social studies topics. The site includes a great deal of information for parents and teachers doing remote learning and fun games for kids that help bring home the civics lessons they have learned.

8. Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a largely offline program, but the website includes many lessons on women in technology. These lessons may inspire girls and young women to learn to code, leading to exciting and well-paying career opportunities in the future.

9. GoNoodle

GoNoodle focuses on physical education and wellness. The site includes many fun games for students in grades K-8 and video lessons in dance, yoga, and meditation. These lessons can be an important complement to health and social learning initiatives. The site has many tie-ins sponsored by national businesses.

Taking Advantage of Online Learning Activities

Many parents are confused about how to best help their students succeed academically and socially, but these nine learning resources can help to bridge the gaps. Dr Tasaria Bettis wants to emphasize that students need the support of their parents and teachers if they want to achieve great things. Despite learning losses caused by the pandemic, students have the opportunity to grow.

Home practice is a must when it comes to reinforcing learned skills. Topics like math, science, social studies, language arts, and “soft skills” like social-emotional learning are all enhanced by these valuable online resources. Parents can encourage their children to be well-rounded learners when using these excellent resources.

Dr Tasaria Bettis encourages parents to keep researching online resources. There are dozens more that can be valuable tools at home and in the classroom. Children can be shown a new view of the world using online resources, and parents can learn how to support classroom learning from home.

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