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by Donna Garner



I just discovered this article (“Another Coat of Lipstick on the Pig” – link posted at the bottom of this page) that is posted on RedHotConservative.com.  In the article, the author shows numerous instances where the original CSCOPE lessons are worded one way, but the very same lessons now posted on the Texas Tribune are worded another way.  Supposedly the CSCOPE lessons on the Texas Tribune website are the exact same CSCOPE lessons that parents’ children are being taught in Texas schools.


Because the content of CSCOPE  (completely online) can be changed “at the click of a mouse,” parents should be very troubled since they cannot be absolutely sure what their children are being taught in their classrooms.


Students do not actually bring home CSCOPE lessons for parents to inspect daily, only graphic organizers frequently filled with blank boxes.  This makes it very troubling to parents to know what content teachers are presenting to students. Now that the following article documents  the discrepancies in the CSCOPE lessons posted on the Texas Tribune website vs. the “real” CSCOPE lessons, parents will have a hard time trusting those people who have a vested interest in CSCOPE (e.g., Education Service Center personnel, Mason Moses, etc.).




Quit using CSCOPE!  Since those who created CSCOPE are so proud that it is online, it should be easy enough to use a  computer mouse to drag the whole CSCOPE system right over into the “trash” bin where it belongs!


Don’t spend another dime of taxpayers’ dollars on CSCOPE or on any other online curriculum that is similar to it. Why put yourself in a precarious position by supporting a system that is not in alignment with the SBOE-approved-and-mandated curriculum standards and that is under investigation by the Texas Attorney General, the State Auditor, the Texas Legislature, and many parental groups?


Why deliberately risk an image problem with the public? Why not work harmoniously with the parents whose children it is your obligation to educate but not indoctrinate?
9.5.13 — “CSCOPE: Another Coat of Lipstick on the Pig” – RedHotConservative.com  —




Donna Garner



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