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But what it is?

Today this recognizable name is a part of the 888 association, a B2B member. It plays a great role in the online gambling sphere because they supply a software platform to many 3rd people. It includes solutions for many bingos, slots, casino, and places.

Honestly, you will easily understand and recognize the company’s websites. Almost every of such places has a uniquely bright, stylish and colorful theme. And a lot of users are familiar with many examples.

Platform and network misunderstanding

Are you aware of a quite big confuse connected with a Dragonfish line of activity? You might be interested in this info.

So the Platform signifies a particular program that is provided by the company to its clients. As it has been mentioned earlier, all websites on this platform have a similar design and theme. If you have visited the one before, you are acquainted with the navigation and don’t need to look around. Also, owners of the website have more flexibility for any ideas, in comparison with the next concept.

But their network expects promos, bingo formats, and loyalty plans. All important features are common and can be installed across the whole net. The main feature of it is a promotion which gives gamers a possibility to win £1 million jackpot. Besides, owners of the gaming place with a Company’s technologies do not need to be a part of a big network.

And… of course, examples

When a user gets a bit bored with the old games, he wants to find new Dragonfish sites. They include such titles:

Big Tease Bingo. Bright theme and comics details impress any visitor. Also, everybody can be offered 25 free spins just at the start.

Aunt Bev’s. It is a part of the network and it is run by Silverspin. Welcome bonuses quite better – up to £200, but the minimum cash needed to transfer is £10.

Sailor Bingo. The relaunched version of the old one web page. The website doesn’t have wagering requirements, so you are able to win a big prize right away.

Scary Bingo. Interesting Halloween theme and 150% cash gift for the first transaction.

Spy Bingo. Similar to Scary Bingo, but withdrawal permission starts from 10£.

As you can guess, it is not an ending of the list; it isn’t even a small part of websites. Because the number of such places is really big and everybody will find something suitable for him.

About the advantages

Even an old gamer can be surprised by the number of games. The diversity is amazing so everybody will find something to honor any wishes. Furthermore, Dragonfish hasn’t stopped on the classic format. The set includes all popular ways to play: from scratch cards to poker and slots.

Pretty-looking themes. Even though they seem to be similar, the background is still pleasing to the eye of many users.

Mobile adapting. Most websites have a comfortable solution to allow you to play with a smartphone. Thus, even without access to the PC, everybody can get an excitement of gambling everywhere.

Diversity is still going. More new and new sites appear today to give users more possibilities and formats to play.

Unique promotions. The Company provides users with competitions, big jackpots, tournaments, and many others. Any player can feel some competition with other gamblers, or just relax and win prizes by oneself.

Loyalty offerings that require only an e-mail address to get cool rewards.

Now, after you got informed about Dragonfish Company and a few websites, enjoy the time spending in the interesting gambling world.

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