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Drop Shipping is a type of business where you don’t need to hold any stocks in running a business.  Once you’ve made a deal your provider will dispatch your items from their stockroom, straight to your client’s doorstep. You’ll never need to stress over putting away, bundling, or transporting your items.

In any case, did you realize that there are 12-24 million online stores on the planet, however just 650,000 make more than $1,000 of yearly deals? Now that is an aggressive market! All in all, how would you ensure that your drop shipping business will be effective, given a relentless ecommerce condition and despite the regularly requesting on the web customers?

Reasons to Start Drop Shipping

For new entrepreneurs, Dropshipping is a low cost and low maintenance Business Model. It is very easy to start and automate them too.

  • Only pay for merchandise sold to clients. There’s no compelling reason to purchase mass stock to get discount costs to drop shipping costs are as of now really low.
  • Since most merchandise originates from China, the cost of products is for the most part rather low. Since item costs are low you can value your items at market Price and maintain a beneficial business.
  • You’ll have the capability to begin selling that day you join. Items can be imported rapidly and since you don’t keep stocks you can start promoting right away.

Best Marketing Tips for Drop Shipping Business

With eCommerce tagged as the main trillion-dollar industry developing at a twofold digit for every year, you have a lot of potential deals to use on. Furthermore, drop shipping makes it flexible on the grounds. You won’t need to physically hold a stock and you’ll simply pay once you make a deal. We at Journal Review, discuss a lot of marketing Techniques here are few with descriptions

Adding Value to Customers

As you are running a Drop Shipping Store, the chances are high the Customers would find it difficult judging the quality of Product you are selling. Now you may ask how to fabricate, the customer’s trust in the shop. Well, it’s easy to add Reviews, Feedbacks, Testimonials, and ratings on the store. Such details will help the new guest to your site to understand the quality of the product from the review of the previous buyer. It will propel a potential buyer to complete the purchase.

How to Promote your Store and where?

Promoting a Business is a very important part of Drop Shipping. The best place to promote your store is Facebook. Why Facebook? Facebook has monthly 2.23 billion monthly active users worldwide as per statistics. This is not the only factor which attracts Drop shippers but the data it collects from the users. Which means you can be very specific about targeting the right audience through your ads. These Days, Instagram has about 1 billion monthly user base which is huge and has become the 2nd favorite place for Drop Shippers to promote their store. Bonus Tip: Running a Video Ad on Facebook is far more effective than Photo Ads. For more such exciting tips on marketing go to Journal Review.

What is Retargeting and how can it save your Business?

98% of Guests won’t purchase on their first visit. This represents a test to drop shipping merchants since engagement is fantastically difficult to get. In this circumstance, retargeting can enable you to recover an apparently lost chance.


Retargeting is a marketing strategy which targets visitors who have already visited your ecommerce site, however, made no activity. With the utilization of retargeting, you can show important promotions to those visitors who have left your site. Once retargeted with show advertisements, these visitors are 70% more prone to convert on your site.


This article is just for you to briefly understand what Drop shipping is and why to do it. We have also mentioned some of the best marketing techniques used by Marketers these days to bring quality traffic to Drop Shipping site. If you have any query, please comment below and we will get back to you. If you want to master Drop Shipping with our detailed Drop Shipping Course, visit us at Journal Review.

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