Dropouts from Common Core

Nov 30, 2015 by

Glen Garvin – Policy-wonk fights are usually pretty boring, at least to outside-the-Beltway folks with actual lives. But battle over control of school curriculums often have surprising sex appeal — sometimes literally.

My all-time favorite came in 1970, when the National Science Foundation, sensing that the nation’s fifth-graders needed their horizons broadened, set up a model social-studies course for them.

Multicultural before its time, the course included a unit on the tribal customs of the Netsiltik Eskimos of Canada, which turned out to include wife-swapping, incest, cannibalism, beastiality and infanticide. That generated a bunch of headlines like the Boston Globe’s IS ESKIMO SEX LIFE A SCHOOL SUBJECT? and pretty quickly the kids were back to doing long division and fractions.

The war over Common Core, the Obama administration’s extralegal attempt to turn itself into a national school board, hasn’t been quite so saucily headline-friendly. But it is heating up nonetheless — and the Common Core forces are taking some heavy casualties.

Source: Glenn Garvin: Dropouts from Common Core | Miami Herald

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