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peach_biggerPEACHSF.org  (Parents Educators & Advocates Connection for Healthy School Food) is pleased to announce that San Francisco’s school lunch superhero Ed Wilkins has joined the PEACHSF team as school food services specialist. He recently retired after 16 years with the San Francisco Unified School District. As Director of Nutrition Services, Wilkins transformed the school meal program (SF’s largest public feeding program) into a cutting edge operation serving high quality freshly prepared meals to all students in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

He managed the original pilot that removed soda and junk food from SF’s Aptos Middle School in spring 2003, then expanded that successful effort to all middle and high schools the next school year. He brought Grab n Go breakfast to 20 middle and high schools, opened salad bars, eliminated competitive food sales that stigmatized free lunch, and installed a Point of Sale swipe card payment system in all schools. In January 2013, a contract with Revolution Foods put a healthy and tasty meal on the table for every SFUSD student, thanks to Ed’s tireless efforts.

We are thrilled to have Ed join the PEACHSF team, where he will be sharing the knowledge he gained over his lifelong career in food service. Ed’s first PEACHSF article, “Can California public schools design their own school meal program?”, addresses one of the most commonly asked questions about school meal reform. Ed cuts through the thicket of regulations to explain which schools can legally do this and what their responsibilities are.

His list of accomplishments speaks for itself – Ed is truly our school lunch superhero!


PEACHSF.org which launched March 2011, is designed to guide school food advocates toward the most effective routes for making change. Formally named Parents Educators & Advocates Connection for Healthy School Food, the website’s goal is to provide a free roadmap for parents and others wanting to get started making changes in their own communities, as well as steering them away from common myths and misunderstandings that can waste their time and energy.

For example, the website’s “What We Believe” page, begins:

“We believe in being honest about what it takes to fix school food. We don’t believe in magical thinking, or that it just takes the will to fix the problem – it also takes a whole lot of money and enormous effort.

“We believe that the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program are almost criminally underfunded by the federal government.

“We believe that more money is needed for school meal programs, because healthier food like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean unprocessed meat costs more than corn dogs, fried potatoes and fruit turnovers.”

PEACHSF offers detailed but reader-friendly advice categorized as First Steps, Building Support and Taking Action, from “How to make friends with your nutrition services director” to “Banning sodas in your school: a short organizing guide” and “Where do we start? How to tackle school meals 101.”

“Change can happen”, says founder Dana Woldow “but advocates need to be realistic about the challenges. Then they can determine which challenges can be overcome. We don’t overstate the success we’ve achieved here in San Francisco, but we’ve been able to drive continuous change for over a decade.

“Real change isn’t the stuff you see on reality TV. Real change starts with real people and real, genuine concern for kids, and it is inspiring to seeing how much even just a few dedicated individuals working together can accomplish.”

Find PEACHSF at www.peachsf.org

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