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The Concord Review, Inc. was founded in March 1987, to promote History, nonfiction reading, and academic expository writing at the high school level in the English-speaking world.

We have now published 122 issues of the quarterly journal, The Concord Review, and we are looking for a new Editor.

The job includes soliciting, reviewing and selecting outstanding History research papers by secondary students (from 41 countries so far), and preparing them for publication, including some typesetting, proofreading, etc.

The job also entails efforts to expand the reach of the organization through writing articles, attending conferences, giving interviews, and speaking, when the opportunity arises.

The successful candidate will have a long-term interest in History, a commitment to fostering and celebrating exemplary academic expository writing by high school students, and an interest in arguing for higher academic standards in History, nonfiction reading and in academic expository writing at the secondary level.

The new Editor must have a persistent interest in working to find new sources of support for these efforts, through fundraising, increasing subscriptions, and working for an endowment. We need an evangelist/entrepreneur Editor.

Successful experience with exceptional humanities students at the high school level will be most welcome. Pay will be commensurate with experience.

Contact: Will Fitzhugh, Founder, The Concord Review, Inc., 730 Boston Post Road, Suite 24, Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776 USA; fitzhugh@tcr.org; tcr.org
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theconcordreview/


“Teach with Examples”
Will Fitzhugh [Founder]
The Concord Review [1987]
National Writing Board [1998]
TCR Academic Coaches [2014]TCR Summer Program [2014]
730 Boston Post Road, Suite 24
Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776-3371 USA
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  1. Michael Shaughnessy
    Michael Shaughnessy

    I hope to hell they find somebody to take this and run with it….

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