Educate Yourself about Electricity to Save the Planet

Apr 6, 2020 by

Climate change has led scientists all around the world to come up with clean energy solutions. Many advancements are taking place with the sole aim of protecting nature. For this purpose, the current energy sources are being made more efficient, and new and cleaner techniques are being employed to produce electricity. The efforts of these scientists are not going to stop until we find a solution and shift the energy or the entire world to green energy.

However, until that happens, you can play your part by educating yourself about climate change or the global warming crisis. It can’t be understood if you don’t know what electricity is. In this blog, we will everything about electricity that you need to know:

Understanding the Power Structure

Your electricity bill definitely comes from within your city, but the power is not being generated there. There are different power plants across the country. These include all kinds of energy generation. From nuclear to coal, the world is using almost all the sources (most of them are not clean) for power generation to meet the energy requirements of their states.

Types of Electricity

Gone are the days when the sole energy source was coal and other kinds of fossil fuels. As mentioned earlier, there are many new and clean sources of energy present in today’s world, and the effort to find more ways is continued.

However, here are a few common types/sources of generation of electricity that are being used practically for mass-scale production of electricity:

  • Natural Gal
  • Fossil Fuel
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Coal
  • Non-Hydroelectric Renewables (Biofuels, etc.)
  • Hydroelectric

What’s Your Energy Source?

With the assumption that you understand the whole idea of climate change and global warming well, here’s what you should know next:

  • Take your electricity bill and read it carefully
  • You’ll get to know what kind of electricity your neighborhood consumes
  • Check where is the power station that provides energy to your home
  • Learn how much energy does it produce
  • See how much your home consumes every year

Is There Anything You Can Do?

After doing the things mentioned above, you’ll have a fair understanding of your electricity usage. Every consumer needs to know these details if they want to make a difference.

Once you know about your annual electricity consumption habits, the first thing you can do is to try to save power by not wasting it by leaving appliances on.

Next, you should go for energy-efficient appliances that claim to consume the minimum amount of energy while giving maximum results.

Lastly, you can make amends to the overall damage by planting trees. There are many ways through which you can calculate the number of trees that you need plant as per your annual electricity consumption.

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