Educating The Future Generation On World Problems

Apr 24, 2018 by

The future generation has a lot to learn. You’ll often find that they’re naive to the problems we’re facing because nobody is actually teaching them. Other than the stories they hear on the news, which might be a bit twisted anyway, they’re having no real education on the issues that they’re going to be growing up with. Even in school nothing is really talked about, only the issues that might affect them directly. For example, you’ve got the gun crime and the fact people are doing mass shootings at schools. It’s a horrible thought, but education is being given about that subject, and school children are even stepping up and protesting to try and change the laws for their own safety. But what other world problems should the younger generation be educated on? Here’s just a few important topics that we think should be discussed.



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The Economy

The economy is something that probably won’t worry the younger generation. As long as they know they’ve got food on the table, a roof over their head, and a bed to sleep in, they won’t understand how hard it has been for the adults of the world to go out and earn what they can buy. The economy has deteriorated over the years, and it is now at the point where some people are forced to be homeless due to the problems they’re facing with money. For a lot of Americans, this is the cycle they struggle with. Most people will go to work, work hours well outside of the normal 9-5, to earn money that is well below the average for the US. They’ll then drive an old car home, to a home where their children might be waiting wanting food, new toys, new clothes. So they provide with money the might not have. This leads to debt with things such as credit cards, and debt can slowly spiral out of control. When it does, it leads to homelessness, and that’s something the younger generation does need to be education about. The rate of homeless people living on the streets is spiking, and some streets are covered with tents and sleeping bags. More needs to be done about this, and more needs to be done to try and change the economy and the amount that people are able to afford.


Immigration is such a serious topic, and there’s a lot of split views about it due to the lack of knowledge of the situation. A lot of people have the view that immigrants would be coming into the country to take our jobs, or our benefits. That’s not the case, but the USA is not setting a good example in this. The US has banned most immigrants seeking refugee in the country, and it’s not extremely hard for people to get in. The immigration office is seeing more and more people be turned away at the borders. Now, what the younger generation need to learn is that some people are desperately seeking a home because their own is not safe. Some people live in a country where bombs are being dropped, and guns are being fired on a daily basis. These are the people that we should be helping. The ones that are desperate for a home and to prove their worth in the working world within a new country. The ones that we should be controlling more are the ones coming into the country with no intention of working, only to live of the benefits of the state. Whilst in the US, this is nearly impossible for people to do, but in the UK it’s actually what so many people are doing. So, if we can distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong with immigration, we can help to give the younger generation better views.


The worry of war is always there. You’ve got the war going on in Syria which the US and UK have actively got involved in within the last few weeks. You’ve also go the war on terrorism, which countries around the world such as the UK are being directly affected by. You’ve also go the war that could have potentially happened between Russia, North Korea, and the US. For a while, it seemed we would have been at war, but now it seems things are calming down, we hope. What we need to teach the younger generation is that they shouldn’t live in fear. The potential dangers in the world are now so highly publicised that it worries younger people, but the potential of a war that might affect them is now minimal.

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