Education Board Vote Targets Common Core Concerns

Sep 18, 2014 by

Addressing concerns that Common Core teaching standards were leaking into Texas’ classrooms, the State Board of Education voted Wednesday in support of amending its rules to clarify that teachers are required to teach to the state curriculum — even when teaching an Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate course.

The vote comes after lawmakers, educators and members of the public raised objections in July that the new AP U.S. history curriculum that the College Board is introducing this year is influenced by the federal government’s Common Core — an initiative aimed to create uniform academic standards nationwide.

Three of the board’s 15 members — Democrats Ruben Cortez, Martha Dominguez and Mavis Knight — voted against the amendment, which the board will vote on again Friday and once more in November to officially institute the amendment.

“This new framework and exam that is coming in is not what it was before,” Alice Linahan, a Tea Party leader with children in Texas public schools, told the board at the meeting. “You can’t align [AP testing] with the Texas TEKS. It requires that the teacher use these progressive teaching strategies.”

College Board senior education manager Debbie Pennington told the board that teachers are encouraged and taught to implement their state’s standards while teaching AP courses. The College Board has denied that its curriculum includes any Common Core materials.

via Education Board Vote Targets Common Core Concerns | The Texas Tribune.

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