Education budget could mean school closures

Jul 1, 2018 by

Lansing – Last fall, Melissa Wriggelsworth said she spent some of her own paycheck to purchase binders for all 18 of her students.

It was a familiar sacrifice for the 49-year-old who taught at the Lansing Public School District for 20 years. She said that despite a superb teaching staff, schools had been “cash-strapped” and “we were always putting out fires.”

That district is now one of dozens that could see sizable layoffs or closure under the 2018-2019 education budget signed by Gov. Rick Snyder this week.

The $16.8 billion education budget, the last of the outgoing Republican governor’s two terms, is being criticized by Democrats and teachers who object to a provision concerning “partnership” districts. Those districts are considered Michigan’s lowest-performing that have agreed to work with the Michigan Department of Education to avoid closure.

Under the budget, those schools risk being shuttered or losing at least 25 percent of teachers and faculty if they can’t prove students are on track to meet grade level proficiency standards by 18- and 36-month intervals.

Source: Education budget could mean school closures

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