Education Department ‘very responsive’ in congressional calls to turn over China documents

May 13, 2020 by

While the Education Department did not meet a Monday deadline set by a group of Congressional Republicans to hand over documents on China’s infiltration of higher education in the U.S., talks are ongoing, a GOP spokesman told The College Fix on Tuesday.

“We have been in regular communication with the Department on this request and they have been very responsive in addressing it,” said Nate Madden, spokesman for the House Republicans, in an e-mail to The Fix.

A May 4 letter to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos* from several top House Republicans asked the Education Department to turn over documents on all findings or reports detailing gifts from China to U.S. colleges and universities, as well as details on all open and closed investigations by the Education Department “regarding false or misleading reporting of foreign gifts.”

The letter also requested a staff-level briefing be conducted by May 11.

The cooperation comes as the Education Department has already stepped up its regulatory oversight into China-U.S. higher education relationships.

In April, under pressure from the U.S. Department of Education, American universities reported nearly $1 billion in previously undisclosed funding from foreign governments. Of that amount, $144 million came from China, distributed across 48 American institutions over the last six years, according to The Clarion Project.

Source: Education Department ‘very responsive’ in congressional calls to turn over China documents | The College Fix

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