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Alice Linahan Radio Show — Community Conversations



Parents and Teachers are asking…Is there an Education Mafia in Texas? You bet there is. The two ruling Mafia-like families are the Ratliff family and the Moses family.


Is Common Core in Texas? You bet it is. Every time a Texas educator opens up his computer, some new Common Core marketing piece stares him in the face.


Unfortunately, under Texas SB 6, local school administrators, using their state-instructional materials funds, are now free to purchase whatever they like without those instructional materials (IM’s) having gone through the Texas State Board of Education’s very public and rigorous adoption process.


School administrators all over Texas (and the nation) are purchasing online IM’s that advertise themselves as being aligned with the Common Core Standards/21st Century Learning without those IM’s having proved through quantitative research that their products actually raise academic achievement. In other words, these Common Core Standards/21st Century Learning products are one huge, expensive experiment using our nation’s children as their lab rats!


On the call last night, Alice Linahan, Rebecca Forest, and Merrill Hope made very insightful comments; and I, as a classroom teacher for more than 33 years and an experienced standards writer, also shared some of the personal experiences that I have had with Mike Moses and the Ratliff clans.


Mike Moses’ son Mason works for CSCOPE/ESC/TESCCC (Note: has been recently rebranded because of bad publicity).


The Ratliff and the Moses clans are active in Raise Your Hand Texas, an organization which by rights should be renamed “Raise Your Hand for a Handout.”



Donna Garner



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