Education majors need more time in classroom

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BATON ROUGE – A state Department of Education survey has found that most newly graduated teachers did not receive adequate preparation for what they would face in classrooms and should have spent more time with qualified teachers before they graduated.

Teacher preparation programs at universities should provide “more time for teachers in classrooms before they become full-time teachers,” said Superintendent of Education John White.

Additional Resource: The Haberman Educational Foundation

“A lawyer would never conduct a trial without being under an apprenticeship and a doctor would never perform surgery without being fully trained on the job by a professional,” he said, “so newly-minted teachers shouldn’t be expected to immediately walk into a classroom and be able to perform.”

It’s especially important that new teachers receive appropriate training when their professional careers depend on assessments of their ability to handle classrooms and impart knowledge to their students.

“We need to make sure that people who are choosing education are receiving high-quality preparation to come into classrooms,” White said. But the survey of teachers, principals and those involved in education preparation programs at state universities found a gap in the education process that needs to be filled.

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