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 Education News Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, to analyze how socialism is subtly promoted in American schools and textbooks.

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January 5, 2014

Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

Charlotte Iserbyt on The Perils of Common Core
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, to analyze how socialism is subtly promoted in American schools and textbooks.

Opponents to fight Common Core in 2014
“Why do we have to create this culture of overthinking everything? Personally, I think that’s what’s wrong with the government now.”

Mass. to use new GED exam
State education officials are phasing out the old GED test in favor a new high school equivalency exam.

Some California charter schools are opening for the wrong reasons
California where per-pupil spending is among the lowest in the nation, dozens of schools converted to charters

KIPP Forces 5th Graders to ‘Earn’ Desks By Sitting On the Floor For a Week
Do you think Michelle Obama would encourage President Obama to have his education people pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the support of this kind of school?

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Commentaries and Reports

Common Core: The Latest Flaw in One-Size-Fits-All Public Schools
…when the federal government imposes a single teaching plan having more central planning bringing stagnation to the classroom.


The Way of the Future: Southern New Hampshire University
What happens when a small, struggling university puts Clay Christensen on their board?

Higher Education

40 percent student borrowers no clue about required loan counseling
Here’s the hilarious part, though: 40 percent of all federal loan borrowers either don’t receive any kind of financial exit counseling — which is required by law

Bullying Is Prevalent In Academia
Less discussed is its prevalence in academia but a Rutgers–Camden nursing scholar is shedding some light on how it is becoming increasingly common.

Sec. Grove blasts myths by left-wing academics
Mr Gove turns his fire on ‘Left-wing academics all too happy to feed those myths by attacking Britain’s role in the conflict’.

Replace homework with extra maths lessons in schools
…should copy China by scrapping time-wasting lessons, raising the standards of teaching and focussing on proper long division.

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