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The Common Core standards are “almost an establishment versus regular people, you’d almost say, dispute,”

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January 7, 2014

Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

Search Still On for Higher Ed Performance-Funding Model
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s model of performance-based funding for the state’s public universities.

Teen athletes with concussions shouldn’t do homework
Teenagers who continue intense cognitive activity may take more than three months to recover from symptoms.

Watch high school student take down Common Core
“Our schools are being turned into data-run factories,” Ye charges around the 4:30 mark in the video, “factories based on speedily-approved standards

Oklahoma to Consider Another Common Core Repeal Bill
“The social and economic status of Oklahoma is far different from that of Massachusetts or any other state.”

Common core opponents launch radio ads
Opponents of Common Core in Florida today launched radio ads telling how the new academic standards will harm education.


Commentaries and Reports

AEI, Common Core, and ‘Good Cop’
Gates paid AEI one million, in part to “explore the challenges of Common Core.” If Gates really wanted AEI to critically address problems

Community Colleges Creating Pathways for Underprepared Students
“Over the twelve years that I’ve been doing this, the performance of my junior college students has gotten worse,” Davis says.

Learn Chinese!
Tom Watkins – We would be wise to learn more about China or, as they have called themselves dating back thousands of years


The state’s substandard math standards
Sandra Stotsky – “Lowering the Bar: How Common Core Math Fails to Prepare High School Students for STEM,”

“No Free Lunch” Congressman’s Other Gaffe
Dana Woldow – It would be very helpful for kids in any socio-economic group to do chores and learn the work ethic.

Common Core fight is ‘establishment vs. regular people’
The Common Core standards are “almost an establishment versus regular people, you’d almost say, dispute,” McCluskey said.

Higher Education

Bringing Conservatism Back To Amherst College
A student-led, conservative counter-culture movement at Amherst College is in full swing.

U of Central Florida health insurance enrollment requirement
Deichen says this might allow students to purchase insurance with financial aid, something that isn’t currently possible

Long gaps during revision ‘better than cramming’
…last-minute exam cramming, research showing that learning is much more effective when spaced out over stretches of time.

Brain scientists to work with schools on how to learn
…computer-based “brain training” exercises used with no reliable evidence to show whether they really brought benefits.


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