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…exposes why Common Core Standards Validation Team top experts refused to validate Common Core Standards

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January 10, 2014

Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

…exposes why Common Core Standards Validation Team top experts refused to validate Common Core Standards

Teachers urge parents to help implement Common Core – in their home life!
“While Common Core is no longer new for us, it is a good to re-visit how it has strengthened learning in the classroom.

Number of failing Texas schools nearly doubles
Texas education authorities said the number of schools falling short of minimum standards and placed on the Public Education Grant list doubled from 2012

Mississippi Senator Says School Leader Threatened To Fire Teachers Who Oppose The Common Core
Mississippi calls on members to call the superintendent and “tell him bullying and silencing teachers is unacceptable.”


Commentaries and Reports

Racing to the Top & Leaving Behind the Love of Learning
Susan Ochshorn – Accurate information is one thing, but testing in overdrive is quite another; it is a lousy strategy for nurturing anyone’s brilliance.


We’re Number 7!
Jay Greene – The greatest thing about Rick Hess’ ranking of Edu-Scholar Public Influence is how much anger and denunciation it riles up.

Higher Education

Professors discuss holocaust eroticism, ‘Violent Ethics of Whiteness,’ at MLA convention
Discussions on how to engage students in conversations about racism inherent to American literature.

Youth Misery Index Hits All-Time High
A Youth Misery Index that measures young Americans’ woes has skyrocketed under President Barack Obama and hit an all-time high.

Desperate Chinese students tie their hair to ceiling
Chen and her room-mate were inspired by ‘historic scholars’ A Chinese university student has found an interesting way of…

Aitzaz Hassan saved classmates from suicide bomber
A schoolboy has been hailed a hero after sacrificing his own life to save classmates from a Pakistan suicide bomber.


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