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The idea that a high-end design firm was paid a million dollars to recommend cutting hours from blue collar workers

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January 14, 2014

Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

Study casts doubts on effectiveness of drug testing students
School-imposed drug tests do little to deter marijuana use among teenagers, according to the authors of a new study on drug prevention.

Mayor De Blasio’s dilemma: Side with union or let the parents be heard?
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his new schools chancellor Carmen Farina are facing their first challenge

Florida tweaks Common Core
Hoping to incorporate public input and assuage criticism, state education officials on Monday released 98 proposed changes

Texas school district closed amid water dispute
Schools are closed in a one-stoplight South Texas town after the city shut off their water amid a dispute over the bill.

Commentaries and Reports

Michael F. Shaughnessy asking some probing questions regarding the Common Core and just how it impacts students learning.

The Global Search for Education: World Test?
The Program of International Student Assessment (PISA) is an exam given every three years to 15 year olds around the world in reading, math and science.

Nothing More Timeless Than Ignorance
Heather McDonald – My thesis was rather just the opposite: in contrast to the narcissism of today’s identity studies, the humanist tradition was founded

Will co-teaching with computers improve student learning?
Margaret Ramirez – By grouping children by their individual learning needs, it addresses the age-old problem

De Blasio’s plan to kill charter schools
Bob MCmanus – It’s not about money or space the fact that most charter schools aren’t unionized, and that more often than not they work


SFUSD Fumbles High Profile Cafeteria Plan
Dana Woldow The idea that a high-end design firm was paid a million dollars to recommend cutting hours from blue collar workers

Politics Versus Education
Thomas Sowell – asks does any sane adult really believe that there cannot be any difference between the behavior of black boys and Asian girls

Standard of living has taken a crippling hit
Ron Isaac – For many years the middle class has been dumped on and forced into full, often humiliating retreat.

Higher Education

Law school bathrooms go gender neutral
New bathroom policy allows people to use them ‘according to their gender presentation or expression.’

Students Purposely Choke On Cinnamon For Cheap Thrill
“The dry, loose cinnamon triggers a violent coughing effect and also a burning sensation leading to breathing and choking hazards.”


Children ‘still being held illegally in police cells’
Hundreds of children are still being held in police cells overnight because of “chronic breaches” of the law


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