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December 03, 2013


Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

U.S. Scores Remain Stagnant Other Countries Rapidly Rise
“While we are seeing some encouraging progress the United States’ performance on the 2012 PISA is educational stagnation

Common Core experiment unraveling in NY
…that’s in jeopardy as K-12 technology industry designed to use student information – as found in massive state databases

Common Core scandal: Medical and disciplinary reports on children hacked
…failure of proponents of Common Core making  arguments about system of inferior, psychosocial workforce training standards.


Commentaries and Reports

The Global Search for Education: Education Is My Right – United Kingdom
Equity-focused educational change is probably the most discussed, debated and urgent problem we face in U.S. education today, particularly as poverty continues to grow.

…let Steve help you throw off your chains and help you find your what. It will be a journey you’ll never regret.


Left Behind
by Adam Janos …special-education learners—has Alvarez worried that Common Core could leave special-education students in the dust.

Are Finland’s vaunted schools slipping?
By Pasi Sahlberg – Finns must adopt smart responses and avoid hasty, false recoveries; analyze past data again

Explaining the Test-Score Gap
Thomas Sowell – What do low-income whites in England and ghetto blacks in the United States have in common?

Higher Education

5 Strategies for College Admissions Success
How do you set yourself apart from the competition so you can increase your chances of being accepted into your dream college?

Undocumented Students Turn to Crowdfunding
Undocumented students are turning to ‘crowdfunding’ since most traditional sources of financial aid are not available to them.


‘Prepare pupils in England for international tests’
…for example entering the same student twice for the same GCSE subject,  the government has said  “game the system”.

UK expected to lag behind Asia
International league tables comparing school standards are expected to show the UK is failing to catch up  Asia countries.

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