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December 05, 2013


Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

University student health insurance plans compromised
Affordable Care Act is creating problems for the health insurance plan offered to students at the state’s public universities

California parents on school participation
…the law requires schools to include parents – and specifically low-income and English-learner parents – in the budgeting process.

Dr. Internet Safety
Dr. Internet Safety is Developmental Psychology and adolescent maturation savvy in relationship to Information Age tweens and teens.


Commentaries and Reports

An Interview with Michael Hansen: School System – Move those Kids Around!
Michael Hansen finds if the strongest teachers were assigned up to 12 additional students in their class

An Interview with Carol J. Chihara: Looking and Seeing
It is my belief that recognizing the richness of what is around one enriches ones enjoyment of life in general.

An Interview with Les Cochran: Signature Affair
University life carries the story—fundraising, athletics, etc. .  As president, Steve is highly successful.


What You Need to Know About the International Test Scores
Diane Ravitch -The myth persists that once our nation led the world on international tests, but we have fallen from that exalted position

Why educating the educators is complex
Mike Rose – for teaching has elements of both profession and craft, as Levine defines them—and even that fusion of the two terms

Higher Education

Battle Against College Grade Inflation
…in 1960, 15 percent of all grades awarded were A’s. Today,  A’s make up about 43 percent of all grades.

‘Knockout Game’ Hits Yale
The assaulters approach their victims on public streets, hit them and run away.


Education department has gone rogue
The Liberal Democrats have accused the Department for Education of “going rogue”

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