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December 09, 2013

Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

Ohio’s One-Day, One-Size-Fits-All Education Solution
If a child isn’t reading by first grade he/she has only has a one in four change of reading on level by fourth grade!

Kan. board to take up school handwriting standards
…new handwriting standards will encourage schools to make sure that fifth- and sixth-graders can write legibly in cursive.

Texas touts law protecting Christmas in schools
It removes legal risks from exchanging holiday greetings in the classroom and protects holiday symbols menorah or nativity scene.


Commentaries and Reports

The Global Search For Education: Education Is My Right – South Africa
The policy-driven reforms have focused largely on outputs, i.e. achievements on test scores, without the same attention given to the sufficiency of inputs

How Affirmative Action Discriminates Against Asians
Julius Kairey – there is no objective way to determine how much relative value ought to be placed on particular characteristics.


Donna Garner – Why didn’t Huckabee “get it” when so many other Americans figured it out and tried to tell him?

ROPE responds to executive order on Common Core
This statement makes Governor Fallin appear to be ignorant of the ‘assessment’ process in Oklahoma.

Higher Education

Is the College Business Model Really Broken?
Stuart Dorsey – fundamentally change, switching to less-costly delivery models, e.g., on-line learning, with liberal use of MOOCs. I disagree.


State schools ‘making gender bias worse’
It says these schools are failing to counter the idea that certain subjects are for girls and others are for boys.

Teenagers ‘own six digital devices’
Pursuing careers in this field, with ICT and the sciences coming out in the top four most important subjects.

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