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December 10, 2013

Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

California schools fear losing millions for low-income students
…having to annually verify students’ family income to qualify for extra state dollars costs time and money.

English Learners Maintain Consistent Gains
English learner populations, New Jersey, Nevada, Florida and Texas had overall results above the national average


Commentaries and Reports

Joel Spring: Was the Secretary of Education Murdered?
Michael F. Shaughnessy – insight insight into the money Rupert Murdoch, Pearson, and technology companies are reaping from the Common Core.

Diana Sheets: Is “Our Town Really Their Town”?
Michael F. Shaughnessy – Diane Sheets asks what are the implications for a society in which its journalists divest themselves of substance?

Dr. Terrence Deak: The Adolescent Brain
Michael F. Shaughnessy – a means to engage kids in an even deeper conversation about their brain and some changes they can expect during adolescence.

Private money poured into Common Core promotion
“white suburban moms”  can now sit down and be quiet. The adults have arrived to save the day.


Support for Common Core’s Fuzzy Math Doesn’t Add Up
Sandra Stotsky “Mr. Zimba said that the concept of college readiness is minimal and focuses on non-selective colleges.”

The Anti-Twitter
Jay Greene there is something worse about trying to have serious policy debates on Twitter it makes everyone come off as snarky and mean

Clearly, Sebelius was there at the inception of CCSI undoubtedly colluding with Obama, Bill Ayers, and Linda Darling-Hammond.

Higher Education

An Education in College Justice
pressure from the Obama administration, a university tramples the rights of the accused.


State schools ‘making gender bias worse’
It says these schools are failing to counter the idea that certain subjects are for girls and others are for boys.

Teenagers ‘own six digital devices’
Pursuing careers in this field, with ICT and the sciences coming out in the top four most important subjects.

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