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December 19, 2013

Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

Bryant tries to protect state from Common Core excesses
It was my heartfelt concern that this was going towards a centralized system of the federal government

Bungled iPad rollout, tablet technology in a time out
Mistakes made in Los Angeles are now being heeded nationally, with school districts halting technology rollouts

Ban On “Religious” School Poster Overturned
Christmas Wins Out! School backed down and agreed to overturn a ban on a Christmas poster deemed to be potentially “too religious”.

Donna Garner – This is a chance for concerned citizens to have input into what is taught to the children in their school district.



Commentaries and Reports

George Leef: How Much Writing Did You Do In Those Four (or Five Years )
I discovered that poor writing was a national problem, as I kept reading pieces by professors at all sorts of colleges

Alice – Wotcha! Gotcha! Alice?
“Alice in Wonderland is one of the earliest books written with the intention of entertaining children and not improving or…

Stacey Marshall: Who Was That Goggled Man?
Stage fright has always topped lists as being one of the most significant fears for children (and grown-ups)



Two Charter Schools Preserving the American Dream
are especially successful at educating their students in part because they work to improve their students’ social capital.

Big Data Wins the War on Christmas
Matthew M. Chingos –  I come up with a rigorous empirical analysis that measures the causal effect of Christmas on student achievement?

City Students Improve Test Scores, But Still Lag Significantly
Joy Resmovits – the larger trends, for some observers, the report sounds an alarm on behalf of certain cities, most notably Detroit.


Higher Education

Black professor blasts ‘sick and barbaric’ knockout game
…top sociologists blasted the the knockout game and the people who play it — and the credentialed class that refuses to condemn it.


Record numbers of students enter university
Universities accepted more students than ever this year, with more students getting top places with lower grades.



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