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The education world is scrambling to avoid a meltdown when millions of students pilot new digital Common Core tests this spring.

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December 30, 2013

Dr. Martin Haberman 1932 – 2012

Daily News

NYC schools chancellor to be named
A few weeks ago I reported that New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio would likely tap Carmen Farina, a close adviser

School-grade divide leaves Florida parents puzzled
A record number of high schools this year — 240 — achieved the coveted “A” grade. For elementary and middle schools

Common Core testing problems seem inevitable
The education world is scrambling to avoid a meltdown when millions of students pilot new digital Common Core tests this spring.

Students with heads in cloud can boost learning
The list of students on academic probation “has shrunk substantially, which I really attribute to this digital textbook library.”

‘There’s no room for anything MANLY now’
Our society is neutering boys of their maleness at a young age is a recipe for disaster,  claims Camille Paglia

Each year, since 2005,we have continued our search and review of the contributions from individuals in the field of education.


Commentaries and Reports

An Engineer Looks at the Common Core Mathematics Standards
Henry Burke – Common Core lack coherence and clarity to be interpreted by students, parents, teachers, and curriculum developers.

‘Five things I did not expect from my Teach For America experience’
Julian Vasquez Heilig – The 5-week summer session at Rice University was a fast-paced, well-run training session, but it was not enough


Would Shakespeare have unsheathed his sword to fight against Common Core?
William T. Gormley Jr. wonders why (NGA) and CCSSO would want to sabotage the joy of reading for children trough Common Core.

Higher Education

Colleges fake brochures to push diversity
‘I saw my head cut off and kind of pasted onto the front cover’ a classic example of how colleges miss the mark on diversity.

One in four undergraduates to live at home
237,000 university students living at home with parents, up 50% in 10 years

Obama’s Failed Community College Agenda
President Obama’s American Graduation Initiative in 2009, is one more Obama agenda that is failing.

Secret teacher: stress is reaching a crisis point in schools
As our job role increasingly expands and our pay descends into a system that promotes over-working and stress, it’s hard not to struggle.

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