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    In 2007, it was exposed in Tucson, AZ that a Communist had introduced Mexican-American Studies into Tucson Unified School District and were teaching their kids (of Mex. descent) to “hate” white people and to make a Revolution on the U.S. They also taught “ethnic solidarity” (their own ethnic group first). After it was exposed, a new law was made: ARS 15-112 (AZ Revised Statutes) prohibiting “hate against another ethnic group” from being taught and also “treason” & “ethnic solidarity”). (Google this law). Quotes from their books such as, “Kill the gringos”, “Execute all white males over age 16”, “We must destroy Capitalism” and “Any gov’t. run by Capitalism is run by greed.” were also exposed and many classes were taken down and books taken out of the classes. Mexico has an agenda called “AZTLAN” & “La Reconquista” (THE RECONQUEST) based on lies with their Plan for a takeover of the U.S. (Google AZTLAN, also.)

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    I wish this was actually a newsletter that you got in the mail. I miss the ability to save and file things and not have to print off so much stuff.

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    Terry Stromsky

    I know this is long but you MUST WATCH THIS:https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=jKl_GEF_AKY

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    I used to be involved with this website. For the past several years, I have been totally focused on writing my second book “English for the Children: Mandated by the People, Skewed by Politicians and Special Interest”(Rowman & Littlefield, 2013). Information about the book can be found on the publisher’s website as cited above or that of any leading online bookseller. It tells the story of Ron Unz’s movement and gives him the credit he deserves for improving the education of English learners more than any other single individual. I have 13 pages of documentation in small print to cover myself in case someone should want to sue me. I am not good at marketing – any help would be most appreciated. Please sign me up to receive updates. Thank you, Johanna

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