Education reformer fired for suggesting radical change

Oct 30, 2015 by

Greg Harris was fired over his guest piece in The Detroit News weighing in on Detroit school reform debate

Greg Harris, the state director of StudentsFirst in Ohio, decided to weigh in on the Detroit school reform debate. And now he’s the former state director.

Harris got fired for a guest piece he wrote for The Detroit News last Friday. Apparently, he hadn’t received permission from his counterpart at the StudentsFirst Michigan office before writing the piece that struck a raw nerve with some of the key players in the Detroit school turnaround.

Firing Harris seems over the top. After all, he had spent some time in Detroit in 2011 as the interim director of Excellent Schools Detroit, so his perspective was valid.

In addition, while Harris’ ideas were provocative, they were well-reasoned. He suggested that Detroit Public Schools be converted to an all-charter district for financial and academic reasons. This is a concept that has worked in New Orleans, following Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of city schools in 2005. And a growing number of cities are relying more heavily on charter schools.

Source: Education reformer fired for suggesting radical change

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