Where education technology will take us by 2024

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By Larry Cuban –

For the past four years, I have offered predictions of what I see around the corner for high-tech in K-12 schools (see posts from Dec 26, 2009; Dec. 30, 2010; Dec., 29, 2011; Dec. 27, 2012).

But not higher education. So I venture one now.

Last year, was the year of the MOOC. Hysterical predictions of the end of higher education and the transformation of teaching soared through cyberspace and media (see here and here). And then just a few weeks ago, Sebastian Thrun, one of the “godfathers” of MOOCs who sang the siren song of a revolutionized higher education, warbled goodbye to MOOCs. But MOOCs continue to thrive although the rhetoric has been dialed back (For an overview of the past year for MOOCs in a distinctly skeptical voice, see here).

For those who see MOOCs as a fine example of the Hype Cycle (as I do), I would put MOOCs in the “Trough of Disillusionment” in 2013. Over the next decade, however, I do believe, as others suggest, that there will be a slow crawl–see here–up the Slope of Enlightenment as community colleges and state universities, but not elite institutions, figure out how to incorporate MOOCs into revenue-producing degree programs (there are less than a handful now for the bachelors and masters degrees). No MOOCS, however, for K-12 public schools.

For public schools in 2013, reports of Los Angeles Unified School District largest (and most expensive) adoption of iPads in the United States overshadowed monthly announcements of districts buying tablets for kindergartners. Vendors continued to tout interactive whiteboards, clickers, and devices engaging children and increasing academic achievement. Policymakers mandated online courses for high school graduation. Blended learning, including “flipped” classrooms, spread across the country. Moreover, teacher bloggers told anyone who would read their posts how they integrated the use of new devices into daily lessons, including ways to accommodate English and math Common Core standards.

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