Educational Guidance to anonymous surfing tools: VPN and Proxy

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Do you want to hide your IP or anonymous surfing online? You may know that VPN and proxy are great for your Internet security, but which one of them should we use? What gives us better protection? Find out more by reading this article!

What is a VPN?

On the other hand, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is something that controls and encrypts your online activities by making a hidden path/tunnel where all of your data goes. Because of this system no one like hackers, government officials, or spying agents can reach on what you do on the internet so you can keep your internet life secure and safe from evil tricks and strategies.

What is a Proxy?

Proxy know as proxy server that hides the original IP address and authentication of the network users and provides them other unique address that they can use to make themselves hidden and remain anonymous for the external bodies.

Comparison of VPN and Proxy: which one is better for you

The Proxy are lightweight options when compare with the VPN for no software need to download, which can be useful for quick browsing or accessing a website that’s blocked. They are usually for people who only need a temporary solution to their problem. Proxies are not suitable for people who are looking for long-term use of IP mask programs which have an end to end encryption.

Proxies are much simpler than VPN. They can be accessed from your browser, from where it masks your IP. Proxies offer less safety and security as compared to a VPN and certainly does not encrypt all the data that is going through your computer.

Majority of the proxy servers that are available are free and do not offer high-level security. Since they are very basic, the connection logs can be retrieved by law enforcement. Your anonymity is not fully guaranteed.

Okay, Let’s discuss the VPN, When you should use a VPN, VPN provide greater security and safety to its user while maintaining their anonymity.

The VPN encrypt all the data traffic that is going through the computer and provide a wide range of IP locations to choose from. Proxies can only be used for a “Quick come and go” work, where you only wanna check out a youtube video, or browse the internet for fun. VPN’s offer a great deal of security and safety, fully encrypting the data.

VPN is more efficient than Proxy

These days nothing is personal when it comes to networking. Because of the advent of so many different kinds of apps and hacking devices anyone can reach on the activities of people whom they want to stalk. That is a grave threat to business-related people and other office workers. They can use VPN network to keep their essential files hidden from the outside world since VPN arranges a secret tunnel for them where they can do whatever they want to do by remaining magically hidden from prying eyes. Not only official staff but common people can also use VPN networks so they can keep their communication chats and important files safe and secure from hackers etc. moreover, VPN offers PPTP, OpenVPN, and more protocols which provide more Grade encryption.

Both of them primarily do the same function, but VPN creates a way for your internet traffic so that it can go there and remain safe from others. So we can say that VPN is one of the kinds of Proxy or it is something that comes with the Proxy to make your internet related activities easier, faster, private, and anonymous. VPN makes your IP address look like it is coming from some remote area so no one can reach it. VPN can be used to operate all kinds of applications and websites while proxies are used for some specific applications.

Proxies just act as a 3rd party between a person and the websites that they use by changing the address and by providing a new one whereas VPN makes some more efforts as well as it makes a secret place where your activities will get stored and remain safe. It has its focus on each and every online activity of the users. All the websites and their content go to the tunnel created by the VPN. So we can say that VPN does more efficient tasks and it can be used by everyone for various online purposes.

For example, if you are traveling and are afraid to log into your financial account because you are scared, then you can rely on VPN and perform all of your activities by being stress-free. Moreover, people at offices can get their devices equipped with this VPN network so all the workers can work by keeping all the essential files and communications safe from secure from everyone who is not a part of the office team.

Both of the networks are very easy to use but the users usually love VPN or proxies that come with VPN more because of the fast service it provides on YouTube and Netflix apart from the tough security it provides. It has also got the ability to detect malware so it quickly blocks whenever someone wants to enter into the private data of the user.

Proxies are Easier and Cheaper

Another feature that creates a line of demarcation between a Proxy and a VPN is that VPN is very costly because of the quality and quantity of features while proxies can easily be afforded by everyone. Moreover, VPN also requires its users to have a good computer and hardware and without it, they cannot install or use it. On the other hand, Proxy can be installed and used by anyone anywhere.

Also, another advantage of the proxy is the speed. The speed of both of the networks is always good, but in the case of VPN, speed might get affected because of the encryption.


To conclude, we can say that proxies are the best option when you want to perform any of your online activities by remaining anonymous and remote, but when it comes to more complicated tasks, VPN is the best choice.

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