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A student’s life is characterized by pressure more so from assignments. Any person who has been to a high school or college can concur with this statement. Otherwise, to help ease this pressure there currently exist essay writing services. Essay writing services are online platforms where students can have their articles written at a fee. It is like literary paying someone to do your assignment. These platforms hire professional writers who are specialists in particular fields to write papers for students. There are hundreds of these services on the internet. Some of the most popular essay writing platforms are  Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and Elance. These services come with their pros and cons.


  1. High-quality work

Based on the fact that essay writing services involve engaging professionals, mostly graduates, with a vast knowledge on various subjects or topics; the work written is usually of premium quality. The work done for the students are most likely to earn them better marks than if they did it by themselves.  This has a corresponding impact on the students’ grades at school.

  1. Helps non-native English speakers students

For non-native English speakers, in English speaking countries, essay writing can take a toll on their academic life. Professional essay writing services offer them the salvation they need, with the right amount of cash they can easily hire someone to tackle pieces they find problematic. It saves the students a lot of trouble and inconvenience.

  1. Help manage time

Apart from studying, some students have other matters to attend to in life. This life can be tough sledding, more so when you have a huge pile of assignments. Students with this kind of experience can hire a professional to handle their school work while they attended to more pressing matters.

  1. Work get done fast

Another advantage of these services is that your job gets accomplished on time. When placing your orders, you are required to give a deadline for when you expect your job to be complete. These companies ensure that the time limit is met. It saves the students the last minute rush which would have led to shoddy work which results in poor grades.

  1. It is an affordable service

The services are relatively cheap depending on the complexity and the urgency of the essay to be written. This only means students can engage in some economic activities instead of using that time to tackle their assignments.

  1. Help students express their ideas

Some students are splendid at coming up with ideas but have a difficulties expressing them in writing. It calls for the student to hire a professional who can help the express these thoughts. It is where a hired writer comes into play. The student presents the ideas to the writer who in turn puts them in writing in the most satisfactory way.


  1. Student fails to master the subject

The students never get to learn the subject since all the work is done by a different individual. For a student to present quality papers, they have to take some time to learn the subject. Therefore, considering that the work is done by someone else then the students do not take the time to gain mastery of the subject. It also results to slothfulness amongst students.

  1. Cost of the service

Employing these services has financial consequences on the students. To get your work done, you have to pay a certain amount of free to the writer. Students end up spending money on paying for the services instead of using the money with more significant needs.

  1. Poor quality work

Sometimes the students end up getting poor quality work that is heavily plagiarized. Not all the writers are genuine, some of them will take various authors work and add it to the students work without giving proper references. This is because some are lazy or incompetent. The student ends up getting into a lot of trouble with the school administration. This also impacts negatively on the students GPA.

  1. Some companies are fraudulent

Some students also have in the past fallen prey of some fraudulent enterprises that promise to offer these services but fail to deliver. Unaware, students end up paying for the services which are never delivered. This inconveniences the students regarding meeting the deadline and also the loss of cash.

  1. Miscommunication

Miscommunication is a very common drawback in these services. The writer might end up writing an entirely different paper from what the student expected. In most cases the student and the writer do not have direct communication; this means the author is guided by the written instructions provided by the student without a chance for further clarification. It gets even worse if the platform does not offer revisions. The student ends up getting the wrong paper, maybe just a few hours to the deadline for the presentation of the work.

In conclusion, it is authentic to state that even if these services seem unethical regarding the fact that they encourage cheating, the can also be very helpful to some students.  It is also notable that some students work in these online platforms during their free time, which helps them make some extra cash. Otherwise, this practice should not be encouraged in school as it would lead to deterioration of the quality of education.

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