Eliminate Betsy DeVos’ job

Sep 23, 2019 by

Nolan Finley –

From the day she was appointed, the education establishment and the rest of the left have been calling for Betsy DeVos’ head. The education secretary is too rich, too conservative, and too critical of the public school status quo.

And her greatest sin — she’s never been a teacher.

Except for the president himself, DeVos has been the biggest lightning rod of the Trump administration. The haters want her gone. And so do I.

Not because she’s not doing great work. I think she is, particularly in the face of the irrational personal hostility directed toward her.

I’d like to see DeVos put on the street because I believe the Education Department itself should go away. It’s an unnecessary layer of education bureaucracy that hasn’t worked in its 40-year existence to improve school performance.

“We’ve spent over $2 trillion at the federal level to try to close the achievement gap … and in four decades, it has not narrowed one whit,” DeVos said in an interview with The Detroit News on Friday.

Source: Finley: Eliminate Betsy DeVos’ job

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    Lynn Biglow

    The Dept. Of Ed was established to nationalize education in our country so as to change the behaviors, beliefs and morals of our school children. Our students are not learning skills. They are learning how to be liberal, brainwashed kids who have been dumbed down and who will march to a One World Government! The cure to our school problems is to abolish this unconstitutional dept and return control back to the local school districts. I taught school in the 1970s and learned what the Dept. Of Ed’s goals were as exposed by Charlotte Iserbyt who had been appointed to that dept by President Reagan. Since that time, most of their goals have been reached! This agency has now graduated several generations of grads who are now today’s liberals and who know nothing about much of anything except how to be a liberal!

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