Emanuel on school closures: ‘Investing in quality education’

Mar 24, 2013 by

Speaking publicly for the first time since Chicago Public Schools announced that more than 50 schools are to close, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the motive behind the plan is to ensure that all children in Chicago receive a quality education.

Emanuel faced media Saturday afternoon during an unrelated press conference in the Pullman neighborhood. The mayor spoke softly and calmly when focus shifted to the CPS controversy that took place while he was on a family skiiing vacation in Utah.

“The decision to deal with the 54 schools was not taken lightly but it was taken with the notion of ‘How do we make sure that every child can get to a quality school with a quality education?’ Because you do not get a repeat on this,” Emanuel said. “And for too long we have not been able to do that for every child in the city of Chicago and for all of the families.”

Emanuel called education as “the great equalizer” and said the decisions behind the school closures all pointed back to equal education opportunities for children in Chicago.

“We have to make sure we are investing in quality education. This is very difficult and there’s a lot of anguish — I understand that and I appreciate it,” he said.

Emanuel said the backlash from closing the schools pales compared to the anguish that comes from “trapping children in schools that are not succeeding.”
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