Employee Acquisition: Screening Candidates Has Never Been Easier

Jun 5, 2018 by

Do you work in the Human Resources (HR) sector? Are you your company’s HR administrator? Well, you more than anyone know the hassle of acquiring employees. From formulating recruitment campaigns to sorting through mountains of applications that extensively outnumber the positions available, finding the right people for the job is often a tedious endeavor. Worse still is that, ironically, the human resources department has always had limited resources other than piles of employee handbooks, clunky computers, and overworked staff.

Thanks to recent technologies, however, things seem to be looking up in the HR scene. Big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are some of the advancements that are helping companies around the world not only to find, engage and deliver great candidate experiences but also to generate better data-driven insights and optimize their recruitment performance.

Big Data

The internet may have made a vast wealth of potential candidate information available to employers, but it has also presented the challenge of wading through all the data to find the right employees. For this reason, companies are looking to big data analytics to collect and interpret information in the most efficient way.

With big data, employers now have the tools they need to gather and make use of as much data as possible from candidates, and therefore make better hiring decisions. As an HR professional, you can go far beyond the usual resume and request more information from an applicant, including why they are interested in the position and what they will bring to the table.

Big data is also making it possible to use algorithms to compare candidates with top performers and predict their suitability for a position. Pymetrics, a startup whose clients include giants like Unilever and Nielsen, uses a set of games to determine traits such as memory and risk assessment and set aside the best applicants at early stages of recruitment.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been on the airwaves for years, but it’s just recently that it found its way into hiring. Today, AI programs are saving HR professionals countless hours by pre-screening applicants.

AI automates the time-consuming task of screening resumes and evaluating applications, significantly reducing time-to-hire, and minimizing the likelihood of losing the best talent to faster competitors.

Moreover, by taking over the first stages of recruitment, AI removes the chance of bias, say, towards candidates from top colleges. CodeFights Recruiter, for instance, employs sophisticated AI technology to test coding and engineering candidates and identify raw talent for its clients, who include giants like Dropbox, Evernote, and Quora. Visit https://codefights.com/recruiter/ to learn more.


Although initially developed to facilitate bitcoin transactions, blockchain technology is finding applications across numerous sectors, including HR. As an open, distributed ledger, blockchain can be used to source qualified and verifiable candidates, eliminating the concern of false information. So, instead of relying on resumes that are easy to falsify, companies can get the full history of a candidate, from their school transcripts to their work experience through a permanent record that is updated and verified by employers and universities on the network.

The transparency within the blockchain gives HR professionals full confidence in their screening methods by ensuring that only deserving candidates are considered.


Big data, AI, and blockchain represent a new dawn for employee acquisition and the HR industry as a whole. By typing them together, you can begin to drive real change to your company’s recruiting capabilities.

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