English teacher whose ‘whole class was bored’ judged unfit to teach

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Scotland’s General Teaching Council hears how Gillian Scott’s ‘lack of enthusiasm’ resulted in pupils becoming disinterested

A teacher who read novels to 11-year-olds for several lessons in a row, showed clips from Jurassic Park and then rebuked pupils for asking questions – provoking them to complain of boredom – has been judged unfit to teach by a disciplinary hearing in Scotland.

Gillian Scott, a secondary school English teacher at Breadalbane Academy in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, was accused of failing to teach her pupils during lessons that involved them copying out the school rules or listening in silence, between 2010 and 2013.

Scotland’s General Teaching Council heard that, in June 2011, Scott set the same task for pupils in classes across three different year groups, an essay entitled “What I did in activities week” and did the same again in September when she told them to write “What I did in my summer holidays”.

Even when Scott’s lessons were observed by her colleagues, little seems to have changed, such as the 2011 lesson in which one said: “There was no active learning by the pupils as you told the pupils about the characterisation during a clip of Jurassic Park and instructed them to write down the points you made.”

The council heard comments on Scott’s lessons that included: “Your lack of enthusiasm for teaching and the subject resulted in pupils becoming disinterested in participating in the lesson.”

Source: English teacher whose ‘whole class was bored’ judged unfit to teach | Education | The Guardian

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