Enroll Your Child in a Quality International School in Thailand

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Give your child a head start in life by enrolling them in a high-quality international school in Thailand. With more and more parents realizing the benefits that a good education can provide later in life, the amount of quality schools is growing all over Thailand.

These schools will provide your child with a quality English-language education using either a British or American curricula primarily.

These schools were seen as a necessity for American and British expats who wanted their children educated to their country’s standards so they could more easily qualify to attend American and British universities upon graduation. But they also began to appeal to Thai parents who understood that having a quality education and being able to converse fluently in the English language could open doors to greater opportunities for their children as well.

Many Options of International Schools in Thailand

Nowadays, there are many options to choose from in international schools in Thailand. While boarding facilities are popular in some areas of the country like Phuket, in Bangkok, there is a thriving industry in providing high-quality day schools.

International schools in Thailand are usually divided into schools teaching either an American or British curriculum. Both American and British schools offer an English Language education and English is the primary language of the school’s textbooks and classroom communication between teachers and students. However, the pronunciation and spelling of several words are different.

Specialized Education

But many of these schools try to differentiate themselves from the others by providing a special focus to the education they offer.

One may offer advanced sports facilities for gifted athletes hoping to qualify for a sports scholarship to a university. Others may provide specialized instruction into the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, as these fields are growing in demand. Still, others offer their students the opportunity to explore their passions in the arts.

By knowing the subjects your child excels in and excites them, you can pick and choose the school that meets the needs of your child and provides them with the best chance to excel in their studies.

More Competition Benefits the Students

The growth of the number of international schools in Thailand benefits both parents and students by presenting a wider range of quality education. These schools, being private education schools that charge tuition fees, always have superior educators, facilities and resources. They represent schools that are several steps above a public school education.

Parents get to pick and choose from a greater quality of educational choices. This competition also benefits students because of the diversity of campus life at these schools.

With expats from all over the world wanting to provide the best education for their children, your child will often share a class and make friends with students from many other countries and cultures. By learning about other countries and cultures, your child will naturally develop a heightened sense of compassion and empathy that provides another positive facet to enrolling your child in an international school in Thailand.

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