Entrepreneurship along with Career Development Is An Answer

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Everyday at EducationViews.org dozens of articles, regarding what authors deem important are sent my desk. Many are published for the avid readers who reside in the world of education. I welcome the all of the latest research and my passion in education is about children who are the most needy; the special needs kids around the world.

However there is another population of students who need immediate attention. I ,along with many of my colleagues, know that we are facing an American silent tragedy. I am writing about the 7,000 students who leave school everyday in America and simply disappear with the possibility of joining the “school to prison pipeline” which is a part of America’s “dropout nation”.

There are answers for this never ending problem. One program that comes to mind is from Barry Stern, Senior Fellow at the Haberman Foundation called Workforce Development for Students. Following are some of the programs that could be offered. They are linked seamlessly for a transition into the workplace.

The Education and training programs:
Basic English and Math– computer-assisted tutoring program designed to raise skills from 4th grade to 8th grade level. Completers would be eligible to enter Career Readiness Program described and given an opportunity to complete their GED.

Career Readiness Program (CRP) – CRP is an intensive, 8-12 week, 6-8 hours a day program designed to advance English, math, computer, and employability skills. Success factors include the challenging cross-disciplinary curriculum, faculty teaming and small group coaching, daily feedback on class and individual performance, emphasis on time management, and the heavy use of courseware to manage instruction and reporting and to facilitate the learning of English. The curriculum features workplace problem-solving, career guidance, and development of interpersonal skills and workplace ethics, all of which encourage students to learn from one another and collaborate effectively.

Core Technologies Program (CTP) – CTP is an intensive 18-20 week full-time program designed to expose students to six technologies: mechanics, hydraulics-pneumatics, thermodynamics, electronics, electricity, and computers. Entering students must have at least 9th-10th grade proficiency in English and math and be able to pass a computer literacy test. Students receive sufficient theory and practice in each technology to assist them in deciding whether to prepare for a technical career. They also receive sufficient preparation to ensure their success in higher-level technical training offered by a company, college or university.

Placement Services: The WDC would place graduates of the Career Readiness and/or Core Technologies programs in jobs or into education and training programs of a company, college or university. Alumni would be asked to “give back” to the WDC by mentoring and giving talks to current enrollees, recruiting new students, helping new graduates find job vacancies, etc. All programs are designed for both male and female applicants.

If America continues to deny such a program that offers the promise of work, then we will be sending the “no hopers” into a world with minimal earning power, no insurance, no decent vehicle to get anywhere, no purchase of a home and this is only the beginning of a life that offers little meaning. WE CAN AND SHOULD DO BETTER BY THE CHILDREN AND YOUTH OF AMERICA. Will we do it? The jury is still out for the 7,000 a day!

Jimmy Kilpatrick
Editor EducationViews.org

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