Error-filled reading list, including ‘The Great Gypsy’

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HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. – A Long Island school district is making headlines after distributing a summer reading list for students riddled with spelling errors.

The list, distributed by Hempstead Public Schools for students pre-K to “twelve grade,” is littered with more than 30 errors, according to News 12 Long Island.

Most of the errors involve book titles and author names – simple mistakes that could have been fixed by a quick editing session.

Legendary authors Emily Bronte and George Orwell are listed as Emily Bonte and George Ornell. “The Great Gatsby,” F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary masterpiece, is listed as “The Great Gypsy.”

Those are only a few examples.

While humorous, the mistakes raise serious concerns about one of Long Island’s worst-performing school districts.

In a statement provided to News 12, a member of the New York State Department of Education’s Board of Regents said the list “indicates again that a stable administration is absolutely essential for kids to get the kind of education they need.

“Hempstead has not had a stable administration for a long time and the kids are suffering.”

Hempstead Superintendent Susan Johnson has not returned calls for comment.

N.Y. school district distributes error-filled reading list, including ‘The Great Gypsy’ – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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