ESA parents increase the bang for the education buck

Sep 5, 2014 by

by Matthew Ladner –

Great work by Lindsey Burke and Brittany Corona of the Heritage Foundation and (most of all) from our Arizona ESA parents and students in making their case. Take special note of ESA parent Marc Ashton’s description of how he was able to get the his son educated in one of the very highest regarded schools in Arizona (Brophy Prep) and purchase Braille books and still save some money for college all on 90% of what the state would have provided a public school for his son’s education.

Marc Ashton’s comments reveal the opportunity cost of poorly utilized funds in public education. Mind you, districts have been complaining non-stop for decades that they don’t receive enough state and federal dollars for students like Max Ashton. Special education is a terrible financial burden, requiring them to transfer their locally generated dollars out of general education and into special education. Lo and behold, the Ashton’s have taken 90% of the state funding and got an education for their son that they are wildly enthused about, bought needed educational supplies, and saved some money for Max to attend college. Hmmm, how can describe this? Maybe:

via Jay P. Greene’s Blog | With Help From Some Friends.

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