Want To Escape From the Hood?

Sep 8, 2014 by

By Victor J. Ward –

It’s true: The public education system, minimum wage laws, drug laws are working together to keep the Black man down. I will address these at another time.

In this post, however, I want to talk to the Urban Primitives that want to escape the Land of Urban Primitivism (LOUP). Even when the state is working against you, there are certain things that you can do to help you get out of LOUP and into a more civilized society.

1. Understand that once you escape LOUP, you are going to have to associate with educated and articulate Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and Blacks, to name just a few of the people that you will meet. The main thing to understand is NOT that these people come from every race and nationality; the main thing to understand is that these people are educated and articulate.

Now, I am not saying that you need to be intimidated by this. I am saying that you need to recognize that you are no longer dealing with people from the hood. You must always understand your audience.

If you find yourself in a social gathering and you do not know your audience, your best bet is to remain silent and get an accurate lay of the land. Do not open your mouth and confirm your ignorance. If you feel the need to make conversation, ask other people about themselves, because people love that particular topic of conversation.

I remember being in a room filled with wealthy and professional people. It was on a Sunday, and the next day, I was beginning my first day of law school.

I was a young kid. I was listening to two older guys, one doctor and one lawyer. I remember saying something. I don’t remember what it was, but I remember that the two older guys looked at me like I was a fool.

After that, I learned my lesson. Listen to people. Let them talk. If they are talking foolishness, and if you have the ability and skill to shut them up, go for it. But, you probably won’t have this ability immediately upon your escape from LOUP. That’s ok; take your time and be patient.

Remember, you are new to the civilized world. People are going to be wary of you because of your background. Don’t rebel against this, for it is a fact. There will be time to change people’s minds once your escape from LOUP is complete.

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