Essential tools required to make synthetic diamonds

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Naturally mined diamonds require huge efforts to extract, but that does not mean synthetic ones are an easier job. There is a lot that is involved in the process of making a synthetic diamond. The most important being the tools used. It requires expensive and high-grade machinery and smaller detailing tools to achieve the desired results. Since it is a delicate job, only professionals and experts in the field handle the tools.

Most of it involves abrasion or rubbing the diamond with tools such as sandpapers, a lap, which is a flat disc used to grind it. Or even drilling machines that drill tiny holes into them for any required purpose. Here we are going to take a look at few of the most essential tool used in the process of synthetic diamond making.

  1. HPHT machine

HPHT is a commonly used procedure to make synthetic diamonds in a laboratory. It stands for High Pressure High Temperature. The machine or the tool for this creates an atmosphere of high temperature and pressure which is applied to the diamond seed in the carbon. This breaks down its composition and binds the two together to form the diamond. This is one of the most important tools in synthetic diamond making process as most diamonds throughout the world are made using this technique.

  1. CVD Machine

The second popular technique is CVD which stands for Chemical Vapor Deposition. The machine that makes this possible emits hydrocarbon gas on the diamond seed and other gases such as methane and hydrogen. All these mixed and bombarded inside a closed cabinet chamber make the synthetic diamond formation possible. These machines are huge and take up big spaces in industrial areas usually.

  1. Diamond cutting tool

The next most essential tool in diamond formation is the one used to cut the diamonds in the desired shapes. Even lab grown diamonds uk are hard in composition and can be cut using the abrasion method. There are a variety of such tools. One is the diamond dressing tool. It has sharp points on a steel base that are used to cut diamonds. They are usually used for finer detailing. Grid type tools are for rough surfaces.

  1. Sawing tools

Sawing is a very common way of cutting diamonds too. There are either dedicated diamond saws or laser techniques used for this purpose. Using this tool diamonds are cut into larger rougher pieces before their final shaping begins. It is an important process in jewellery making as well.

  1. Polishing tools

After cutting comes the next step which is polishing. The shiny rock that we see is not how it originally looks when it is made. Initially it looks like a stone. Heavy polishing and grooming gives it an aesthetic appearance for jewellery purposes. Usually chemicals such as silicon carbide are used to polish diamonds. Polishing is basically cutting and abrasion at a deeper level. The more the abrasion, the more it shines.

There is a lot that goes on in the laboratories that make synthetic diamonds. As lay people it may be difficult to understand all of it but so long as we appreciate the efforts that go behind creating the beautiful masterpiece that we wear, the purpose is served. You can always find out more from the place of purchase, starting with hatton garden jewellery shops is a good idea.

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