Eva Moskowitz capitalizes off charter school empire

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Eva Moskowitz, the possessor of a realm of private charter schools paid for with public money, will soon if her streak holds out, rival Sandra Bullock as a wage earner. This is the fruit of what she calls her “momma bear instinct.”

As a corporate education tycoon, her income is the sum of around twelve public school teachers with similar experience to the educators she hires. That’s not counting any other clandestine loot that may be part of her compensation package.

Such are the spoils of leadership.

Her advisers aren’t doing badly either. One reportedly more than doubled his salary overnight. Another, no doubt with a heart of gold, got a six-figure raise in a single bound. Both crowning incomes already in the Sultan of Brunei range.

Moskowitz can afford to dispense these earnings trophies because she’s not funding them. Taxpayers are. Meanwhile she impersonates a missionary on a humanitarian mission inspired by messianic love for inner city children and their dreams.

That one person can harbor so much cynicism, greed, ambition and hypocrisy is testament to the infinite and sometimes devious ingenuity of Mother Nature.

Moskowitz’s quarrel is not just against her nemesis the teachers union and the viable public schools they’re trying to protect and improve, but against decency itself.

Until now, Moskowitz’s headquarters has been in Harlem where she claims her heart is. Her heart is clearly transportable. That community is apparently no longer suited to her brand of hegemony so she has established a more apt nerve center for her dominion smack on Pine Street sharing turf with other wheeler-dealers..

That rental transaction will cost her, that is the People’s treasury, over 30 million dollars. From that hospitable outpost she can luxuriate in her windfall and hone her nostalgia skills for the inner city from a distance. She is, after all, a remote person.

Moskowitz should not be condemned for being prosperous, even if the academic success on which it is purportedly based is highly suspicious as some prominent education researchers claim. But her milk and honey should be earned openly and equitably.

Her organization should have been charged the fair commercial market value per square footage that her academies occupy in the public schools that have hosted and then been subjugated by them. The income could then have been used to offset budget pressures and sustain the legacy public schools that are now being beset by parasites.

At least a compromise could have have been negotiated. A discount to Moskowitz, though odious, might have been feasible. But to provide her totally free accommodation is scandalous. It is a scandal enabled by order of Albany and obeyed under duress by the city.

Moskowitz has the means to lash out at her pro-public school critics who favor equal access to a quality education for all children but who haven’t the assets to respond in kind.

It’s above their pay grade. And beneath their dignity.

Ron Isaac

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    Teacher With a Brain

    Thank you for publishing this side of the “charter story” where young teachers work 10 hour days for salaries comparable, or slightly above, regular public school teacher wages, for longer school years, while the CEO and a handful of people pay themselves obscenely high salaries and benefits all on the public dime.

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