Where Are the Evangelicals for Choice?

Apr 2, 2016 by

by Greg Forster –

OCPA’s Perspective carries my article on religious support for school choice:

The government school monopoly promotes a stereotype that school choice is promoted by religious fanatics, but in fact religious leaders have been underrepresented in the school choice coalition. The most likely reason is a fear of compromising the independence of religious schools – but experience doesn’t support those fears, and I hope the time has come to get past them.

Obviously some religious leaders have been very important to the school choice cause – and in many cases they were among the first to sign on, when others stayed on the sidelines. That said, compared to the numbers and importance of religious leaders in society at large, it’s surprising how secular the school choice movement tends to be.

The big missing link here, the dog that isn’t barking, is evangelicals. The general scope of their political beliefs – from religious freedom to concern for the poor – points to school choice. And they would benefit from school choice programs. Yet they’ve been mostly absent from the fight….

Evangelicals have a long history of social activism – dating all the way back to the national controversy over mail delivery on Sunday in 1811, and their widespread opposition to Andrew Jackson’s genocidal “Indian removal” in 1830….There have been two glaring exceptions. White evangelicals mostly missed the boat on the civil rights movement; fifty years later, they regretted it. Today they’re missing the boat on a movment that many of us think will be looked back on fifty or a hundred years from now the same way.

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Source: Where Are the Evangelicals for Choice? | Jay P. Greene’s Blog

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