Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Prime Music Service

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Amazon.com: Amazon Music

Amazon Prime is a subscription program that many Amazon users have bought into. It gives users exclusive access to services such as rushed delivery, movie, and video streaming that are otherwise unavailable. However, a lesser appreciated service that Amazon Prime users can enjoy is its free music streaming service, Prime Music. It seems as though Prime Music has these limits to promote Amazon Music Unlimited, which has more in-depth features and opportunities. 

What is Prime Music?Prime Music is Amazon’s streaming service, which is offered to users as part of the Amazon Prime annual subscription. With it, users get 2 million tracks, and over 2 thousand playlists of songs to listen to. On the Amazon Prime Music home screen, users see a divided screen. On one side there are the main and popular categories to choose from, while on the other, smaller columns, users see links that take several actions, like browsing by category or playing already bought or uploaded songs. Users may also search by song name or artist name. The playlists and collections are put together by Amazon’s Music Experts, each displaying the list of songs, total playlist runtime, and the curator of that playlist. Users have the opportunity to add playlists or individual songs to their personal library. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prime Music

The first clear advantage for Prime Music is that users who have already paid for their Prime subscription have no need to pay extra to access 2 million songs and over 2,000 playlists. It also has lyrics to the songs, which you can scroll as the song plays. Another pro is Prime Music’s easy integration with other Amazon software such as Amazon Echo family devices. This means that Amazon music can be integrated with Alexa, and offers features that are specific to its software. 

On the other hand, Prime Music users are not able to create their own personalized stations according to tracks they enjoy. This is a disadvantage compared to its competitor LiveXLive, which allows users to create customizable channels around a song they enjoy. Secondly, 
Even though there are 2 million tracks, the selection may seem limited.

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