Exam results ‘aren’t everything’ for future entrepreneurs, says Damian Hinds

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Education secretary says starting a successful business is often to do with ‘tenacity’

Good exam results are no guarantee of future success, the education secretary, Damian Hinds, has said, arguing that “drive and tenacity” and a greater tolerance for failure can encourage young people to be more entrepreneurial.

Hinds’s comments came in an interview with the Guardian after he hosted a roundtable with young entrepreneurs, who told him students should be equipped with the basics of financial literacy to make it easier to start their own businesses.

“Exams that come at the end of school, they’re very important qualifications, but I think it is also important to know that those exams clearly aren’t everything,” Hinds said.

“I invite people to think back to when they were 16 and the kids they left school with – most people can think of some who left with great exam grades but they invariably remember someone who left school with nothing or next to nothing but has gone on to do something quite remarkable, whether it’s starting a business or creating something dramatic.

“Quite often the difference is nothing to do with qualifications, it’s to do with what’s inside: the drive, the tenacity.

“I am not downplaying the importance of GCSEs and A-levels, they are incredibly important as a measure of what you have learned and what you can do, and we know that employers value them highly. But on their own they are not the determinate of a successful career, and they are not a determinate of being able to start up a great business.”

The education secretary’s comments…

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