I Am Excited About These Democrat, Leftist Demonstrators

Jan 22, 2017 by

“I Am Excited About These Democrat, Leftist Demonstrators”

By Donna Garner



I am excited about these Democrat, leftist demonstrations across America because we are watching them “hang themselves.”


For years we have been trying to tell the American public how perverse, sexualized, rebellious, deceitful, selfish, fraudulent, hypocritical, corrupt, and deviant the left wingers really are; but most of the time we have been ignored.


Now we have the videos, posters, video clips, podcasts, photos, interviews, and news reports to prove it.


When 2018 comes along, these will make valuable campaign pieces to bring reality to the forefront; and people who have been on the fence politically will run to the polls to vote the Democrats and their agenda completely out of office.


Yes, those of us who want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for the sake of our children and grandchildren will be joined by even more Americans who share the same vision.


I venture to say that many of those same people who participated in the protest marches will be some of the same people under a Trump administration who will reap better job opportunities, more economic progress, better/safer neighborhoods, and more stable family circumstances.


I would hope that as this progress begins to spread across our land, those who have been so wrong about President Trump’s vision for America will find themselves living in peace and security.


I pray that this is so.

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    Beverly Uhlmer

    …and we pay for the education establishment to educate these people, making them unfit to be good citizens and certainly unfit to hold public office!

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