Exercise in math class? How one math teacher gets kids moving while studying

Aug 17, 2014 by

I recently published a post titled “Why so many students can’t sit still in school today” that was very popular with readers. The piece mentioned Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder but another factor, as well: the idea expressed by pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom that academic pressures in school have reduced or eliminated the time that kids have for recess, physical education or other activities that allow them to get up and move.

Jenny Peña, a veteran eighth-grade math teacher in Austin, Texas, wrote to me to echo Hanscom’s concerns about the lack of physical activity for students in school today, and explained ways that she has found to get kids up and moving — even while they are doing school work.

Peña is now in her 21st year as a teacher. She earned a bachelor of arts in education at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, and taught English and math for a number of years in various grades there and in Austin on regular campuses and at an alternative school for five years in a variety of grades. She moved to Austin and for three years taught in an alternative school in grades 6-10. During most of her career she has taught at high-poverty schools and mentored many teachers. A few years ago, she returned to school and received a master’s of education in educational administration degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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