Exeter University to cut more than 200 jobs

May 19, 2015 by

More than 200 staff jobs are to go at Exeter University, the BBC learns.

More than 200 jobs are to be cut at Exeter University, the BBC has learned.

The university, which announced a review of posts last year, said the “vast majority” would be lost through voluntary redundancies offered to all staff, both academic and support.

It said the £25m saved would go on employing more academic staff and attracting more international students.

The University and College Union (UCU) said the planned redundancies were “causing anxiety and uncertainty”.

The university has 4,364 employees, about 2,500 of which are support staff employed in administration, clerical, maintenance and catering roles.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Sir Steve Smith said: “This is all about consolidating Exeter’s position as a top 10 UK university but increasingly moving to becoming one of the absolutely leading global players.

“We have to bring in staff to help us get there and that costs money.”

Simon Hall, BBC SW Home Affairs Correspondent

Exeter has fought hard over the past decade to become one of the UK’s top universities.

Competition for students and the funding they bring, is growing ever more intense.

These changes represent a major restructuring and will be painful but they demonstrate the determination at Exeter to retain its leading position.

Exeter University has debts of more than £200m said Mr Smith, about two thirds of its annual budget.

But he insisted the university had “no financial problems” and was “moving resources around to invest in the future”.

The university said it had “offered the opportunity to all staff to apply for a generous voluntary severance scheme”.

It said: “This scheme is 100% voluntary and designed to allow some of our employees to pursue other interests outside the university.”

Jonathan Barry, vice president of Exeter UCU, said. “We’re worried for the ordinary staff and how the university is going to come out of this.”

In May 2012, the Queen visited the university to formally open the Forum building, part of a £350m development programme.

Source: Exeter University to cut more than 200 jobs – BBC News

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